planning in advance

resurrecting this journal because i want to have somewhere to record this stuff where i'll see it regularly without it cluttering up my regular LJ. i do better if i write things down in advance so i have a plan to stick to, instead of waiting until the day to try to sort it.

tomorrow's exercise:
- walk 3 miles
- pause after 2K words to lift weights or do pilates

tomorrow's anticipated meals:
- oatmeal breakfast, cherry juice (300 calories)
- mushroom soup & crackers (400 calories)
- christmas dinner leftovers: roast beast, broccoli, mashed potatoes, butter (will figure out calories)
- as much fruit as is necessary to survive snack times: christmas oranges, apples, sand pears, grapes, pineapple are all handy
- remember to drink plenty of fluids

day two

I am only very generally using the points system, because exercise makes me very, very hungry, and I get extremely depressed and grumpy if I over-shoot my points too much. It's stupid, but there you have it. What I'm really trying for is accountability, I guess, and a general sense of what I'm eating. Um. I was going to say something else. *wracks brain* Um. Well, maybe it'll come to me later.

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Right, so much for keeping track of food last week. And, depressingly, the scale went entirely the wrong direction. I made a moopful comment about it at dinner and everyone looked gratifyingly surprised and said I'd thinned out inthe waist (which is nice, after four weeks of pilates), so I don't know, maybe some of the fat has converted to muscle. I didn't *think* I'd eaten that much last week. :p

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It's the book's fault.

The book and the hunger. I need to get snack food that isn't...ok, well, we have a lot of fruit. I'm just eating the sweet stuff because 1. it's good and/or 2. it can be made warm, and we're out of heating oil. Oh well, the point is to record the food, right? right.

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not very good at this

I'm not very good at this keeping track of what I'm eating thing, am I? I think it works better if I don't try to actually keep track online all day, particularly since we only have the one internet_ok computer. Perhaps I will give myself a reward next Thursday if I actually manage to post a food blog every day for the next week. Not that I have any clue what kind of reward, since a hot fudge sundae would be kind of defeating the point...

Weigh-in today: down 2 pounds, which is less dramatic than I'd hoped for, although, y'know, a lot better than being up two pounds.

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6 weeks from now...

6 weeks from now we're going on a holiday. Just a small one, probably, but we are treating ourselves to going *somewhere*. So I'm taking the next 6 weeks and exercising and doing Weight Watchers (despite the fact that I just had pop tarts for lunch), to try to get myself in a little better shape by then. Six weeks is also a pretty bite-sized chunk: 42 days. Pretty managable. One can stay on track for six weeks. Mostly I want to get back in the habit of smaller portion sizes, and trying not to eat so much bad stuff (also despite the pop tart lunch). So that's my goal over the next six weeks.

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Humans: not too bright.

Ok, I'm starting up my weight loss journal again, 'cause I'm feeling reasonably inspired for some reason. Possibly by the fact that the scale read a depressing 175.6 pounds this morning, which is 15.6 pounds higher than I ever wanted it to read again. I mean, it's been doing that for a while, it's not like this happened overnight, but that's not the point. Or something. Anyway, I used to have it locked, and I'm not actually sure there's any particular point in having it locked, so I'm not locking it anymore. Thems as is interested can feel free to read along. :)

I have observed that it's harder for me to lose weight when I'm writing, which is probably due to boredom setting in and me eating when I'm not all that hungry. Or hungry at all. The stupid thing is I go through this whole mental gymnastics thing: I'm not that hungry. / No, but this will be yummy. / It won't make you feel any better. / That's true. And then I'll be grumpy when I've eaten it and the scale goes up. / *eats it anyway* Humans: not too bright.

Anyway, the most reliable way for me to lose weight is to stop eating sweets, which are my downfall. This is also my least favorite way to lose weight, especially when I know there are chocolate chunk cookies over at my parents' house, but I've stocked up on apples and grapes and will try to send myself on a walk around the neighborhood instead of into the kitchen when I get bored with writing.

Also, I am pretending that it will turn out David Tennant is a huge fan of mine and will be stopping by the Forbidden Planet in September to squee over me when I'm there for my signing, and so I of course want to lose weight so I'll look cute when we have our picture taken together. :)
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